4 Pre-Launch Marketing Strategies (And When You Should Implement Them)

The 90 days before you launch your business are crucial to building an audience. Here’s how to avoid crickets post-launch.

How To Make Your Local Listings Generate More Revenue

Dialing in your local SEO can have big impacts on your business. Here’s how.

2022 Healthcare Marketing Trends Report

What’s coming in 2022 for healthcare marketing? We polled medical providers to find out what they’re focusing on (and what...

The Two-Year Journey to Your Website’s Summit

Which metrics should you monitor on your website? How do you know when it’s time for updates or a redesign?...

Your Review Platform Isn’t Working

How to use the REVIEW method to measure the performance of your review platform.

2021 Aesthetics Practice Online Presence Benchmark Report

We analyzed 8,132 aesthetics practices to compare their digital marketing efforts. What did we find?

2021 Dental Practice Online Presence Benchmark Report

We analyzed 10,783 dental practices’ online marketing efforts. How do you stack up?

What to Do When You Get a Negative Review

Negative reviews aren’t fun, but handled correctly, they can actually be a good thing. Here’s what you need to know.

Proven Social Media Strategies for Your Practice

Everything you need to know to harness the power of social media to help grow your business.

Why Beautiful Websites Can Get Ugly Results

Is your beautiful website not getting the results you wanted? It happens, but it doesn’t have to.

Pyramid of Success Guide

Digital marketing isn’t guesswork – it’s a science. The Pyramid of Success is your blueprint.

Digital Marketing 201: Paid Search

Paid search, or PPC, can help you attract more specific clients when done correctly. Here’s how it works.

Digital Marketing 201: SEO

Search engine optimization is often misunderstood but can be hugely beneficial for your business.

Digital Marketing 201: Social Media

Social media can help you attract new patients and build credibility – but how?

Digital Marketing 201: Online Reputation

Your online reviews matter – are yours helping you attract new clients?

Digital Marketing 201: Local Search

Inaccurate local search results can cost you clients and revenue.

Digital Marketing 201: Get Online

Digital marketing begins and ends with your website. This is your guide to creating a good one.

Digital Marketing 201: Introduction

Can you afford to neglect marketing in a slower economy? Find out what’s at stake for you and your practice.

Digital Marketing 201: Complete Guide

Every piece of our Digital Marketing 201 Guide in one place.

Digital Marketing 101: The Basics

Learn the basics of digital marketing in this quick, easy to understand introductory guide.

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